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My World 2.0 by Justin Bieber

Title: My World 2.0
Artist: Justin Bieber
Label: Island
Date: March 2010
Number of Tracks: 10
UPC: 602527335728

Summary: The second release of a two-part debut album (following My World, released in November 2009), My World 2.0 features ten R&B and pop tracks from young Canadian crooner Justin Bieber.  On the lead single, “Baby,” Bieber sings about finding his first love, and how she broke his heart.  This track also features a collaboration with the popular rap artist Ludacris.  The second single, “Somebody to Love” (unfortunately not a Queen cover) explains the topic in the title – Bieber sings about how he doesn’t need much, just someone that he can love.  Another hit song from the album, “Never Let You Go,” is a sweet tribute to young love and the belief that you will be with that person forever.  Likewise, the soulful song “U Smile” is about doing all that you can for the person you love, because when “you smile, I smile.”  With this strong release, it’s no surprise that Bieber is becoming such a popular presence on the music scene.

Critical Evaluation: Before listening to this album, I was only familiar with the lead single, “Baby,” which I frequently hear on the radio.  I don’t listen to much R&B, so I didn’t have many expectations going into it, but I didn’t expect to like it very much.  I have to say, Bieber was much better than I gave him credit for!  His vocal range, especially in the high treble notes, was impressive, and his tone was very clear.  In the same way that Taylor Swift’s Fearless chronicles the experience of high school and first love, Bieber’s songs are a tribute to young romance and heartbreak.  My favorite track was “U Smile,” and it seems that the experts agree with me: Leah Greenblatt of Entertainment Weekly called it “the best by far … a shimmery slice of Hall & Oates-style blue-eyed soul.” (Source) I don’t think I’ll be adding My World 2.0 to my personal collection, but I really did enjoy it and I’ll probably spend some time listening to it on the platform where it all began: Youtube.

Annotation: The latter part of Justin Bieber’s two-fold debut album is a strong follow-up with singles like “Baby” and “Somebody to Love.”  The Canadian singer croons some soulful R&B tracks, and collaborates with artists like Ludacris and Sean Kingston.

About the Artist: Justin Drew Bieber was born in Stratford, Ontario, in 1994.  Growing up, Bieber taught himself to play piano, guitar, drums, and trumpet.  When he was twelve, Bieber sang a cover of Ne-Yo’s song “So Sick” in a local singing competition, and his mother posted a video of his performance on Youtube.  She continued uploading videos of him singing for their friends and family to view, and his popularity began to grow.

A marketing executive clicked on one of Bieber’s videos accidentally while searching for a different singer, and was so impressed that he asked if Bieber could come to Atlanta, Georgia and record a demo.  While in Atlanta, Bieber had the chance to sing for the artist Usher, who arranged an audition with Island Records, who signed him to the label in October 2008.  Bieber and his mother now live in Atlanta.

Genre: R&B, Pop

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Discussion Ideas:
1) Is part of Justin Bieber’s popularity based on his Youtube origins?  Do fans feel as though they discovered him first?
2) How do you think this follow-up disc compares to the original My World release?

Interest Age: 12 and older

Challenge Issues: None.

Challenge Defense Ideas: This CD has no apparent challenge issues, but if a challenge comes up:

• Become familiar with the CD and its content.

• Refer to the collection development policy of the library, if none, see here to develop one right away.

• Refer to reviews available for viewing on

• Try to get reviews of the CD from teens who have listened to it.

Selection: I wanted to include another artist that appeals to young adults, and chose Justin Bieber because of his age and the nature of his rise to fame through social media networks.


Official website

Justin Bieber’s Youtube Channel

One of my favorite videos involving Justin Bieber:


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